About Gemstones

Rough Amethyst Gemstone


A natural gemstone is a mineral, stone or organic matter which has been formed in nature without any human intervention. Also known as crystals, natural gemstones often have inclusions or imperfections that add to their beauty and uniqueness. In addition, they can be cut and polished to enhance their natural brilliance.

Yellow Star Artistry collects incredible natural semi-precious stones from all areas of the world.

View the list of available gemstones used in our jewelry and accessory designs as well as their potential healing properties.

Gemstone List

A list of the gemstones used in the Spirited Stones® line of jewelry and accessories.

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Gemstone Properties

Read about the fascinating healing properties of gemstones.

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A list of the birthstone colors and gemstones for each month.

Find Spirited Stones® birthstone products.

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