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Natural Gemstone Spheres

While we only craft and sell jewelry and accessories, we love to collect decorative, cut and polished natural gemstones.

The beautiful gemstone spheres pictured here are from our personal collection. These stones range in diameter from 33mm to 61mm.


NOTE: These items are currently NOT FOR SALE.

Amazonite Sphere
Angelite Sphere
Carnelian Sphere
Chrysacolla Sphere
Howlite Sphere
Red Jasper Sphere
Lapis Lazuli Sphere
Snowflake Obsidian Sphere
Petrified Wood Sphere
Rose Quartz Sphere
Seraphanite Sphere
Spectrolite Sphere
Blue Tiger Eye Sphere
Tiger Iron Sphere

Amethyst Sphere
Bloodstone Sphere
Charoite Sphere
Fluorite Sphere
Brecciated Jasper Sphere
Labradorite Sphere
Malachite Sphere
Pietersite Sphere
Rutiliated Quartz Sphere
Rhodonite Sphere
Sodalite Sphere
Tiger Eye Sphere
Red Tiger Eye Sphere