Mookaite Boho Leather Bracelet

Gemstones: Mookaite

Gemstones: Mookaite

This leather wrap bracelet goes around the wrist 2 times and fastens with a pretty silver floral button.

Light natural rustic leather surrounds 6mm Mookaite gemstone beads and petite silver flower charms. The burgundy contrast stitching makes for a great color combo!

Mookaite is a Jasper of varying shades of yellow and red. The color range of these beads is fabulous and includes bits of ivory to a deep golden mustard yellow and pink/lilac to a deep burgundy red.

The leather on this bracelet is a bit unfinished as shown in the photos. It makes for a great look and almost has a bit of a pinkish hue to it which goes perfectly with the bead colors.

The width is about 17/16″ so when it is wrapped it will be about 7/8″ at the widest.

IMPORTANT Sizing Info:  Please be careful when making a decision to purchase.
This bracelet has two loops for the button clasp making it adjustable from about 7″ to 7.5″ when wrapped. It is made for a MEDIUM size wrist of 6.5″ – 7″. It will be loose and VERY bangle-like on a smaller wrist.

Length = 7.5"

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