• Why settle for synthetic or “simulated” gemstones?
  • Why compromise on mass-produced imitation stones made with fragile man-made materials?
  • Why accept gems that have been artificially dyed to enhance their color?


Nature produces amazingly beautiful gemstones in a vast array of colors and unique patterns. Spirited Stones® specializes in making handcrafted jewelry that incorporates that beauty. Natural semi-precious gemstones that are simply cut and polished are the basis of my designs. These “earthy and elegant” creations include stones from all over the world and are often “one of a kind” treasures. I invite you to explore, to appreciate the natural beauty, and to allow yourself to Experience Nature With Style™.


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Women's Chakra Bracelet Set

Women’s Chakra Bracelet Set

Balance and strengthen the chakra system with our new line of women’s bracelets offered exclusively by Spiral Up Yoga.

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Mens Chakra Bracelet Set

Men’s Chakra Bracelet Set

Find out about our new line of chakra bracelets for men inspired by and designed especially for the Spiral Up Yoga daily practice of self care.

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